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“What I write, why I write, how I write …” Check out the Worldshapers podcast, in which Alan chats with Ed Willett about Life, Writing, and Everything:
(December 11, 2022)

Writes of the Future Podcast #198: “From science to science fiction: Jeffrey A. Carver, Edward M. Lerner, Alan Smale, Edward Willett discuss their journey[s] from aspiring writers to award- winning and bestselling authors” edward-m-lerner-alan-smale-edward-willett
(November 5, 2022)

Chris Rose runs a great speculative fiction reading series in Baltimore called Charm City Spec. Alan had the honor of reading there, along with Randee Dawn, Amy L. Bernstein, and Searby Gray. A video of his reading (courtesy of Scott Edelman) can be found at
(September 21, 2022)

Alan, and Hot Moon, were featured on John Scalzi’s The Whatever in July:
(July 29, 2022)

Check out Paul Semel’s exclusive interview with Alan at:
(July 28, 2022)

Alan, featured on Walter Day’s Science Fiction Trading Card Spotlight, at card-spotlight-alan-smale
(July 15, 2022)

A two-part interview with “Astrophysicist and Author, Alan Smale” on Signals from the Edge:
(July 12 and 14, 2022)

In which Alan talks about “The best books on the human and technical excellence behind the Apollo Moon missions” on
(July 5, 2022)

Authority Magazine: “Author Alan Smale on how to create compelling science fiction and fantasy stories”: science-fiction-and-fantasy-stories-38f06f6b887f
(May 29, 2022)

Alan on Russ’s Rockin’ Rollercoaster, Ep#56:

Writers of the Future Podcast #99: “Alan Smale is a NASA [scientist] and award-winning alternate history author” …: winning-alternate-history-author