Clash of Eagles

New from Del Rey in May 2017: EAGLE AND EMPIRE, Book III of the Clash of Eagles trilogy, by Alan Smale, completing his continent-spanning ancient American saga.

Roman Praetor Gaius Marcellinus came to North America as a conqueror, but after meeting with defeat at the hands of the city-state of Cahokia, he has had to forge a new destiny in this strange land. In the decade since his arrival, he has managed to broker an unstable peace between the invading Romans and a loose affiliation of Native American tribes known as the League.

But invaders from the west will shatter that peace and plunge the continent into war: The Mongol Horde has arrived and they are taking no prisoners.

As the Mongol cavalry advances across the Great Plains leaving destruction in its path, Marcellinus and his Cahokian friends must summon allies both great and small in preparation for a final showdown. Alliances will shift, foes will rise, and friends will fall as Alan Smale brings us ever closer to the dramatic final battle for the future of the North American continent.

CLASH OF EAGLES, EAGLE IN EXILE, and EAGLE AND EMPIRE continued on from the novella, “A Clash of Eagles”, winner of the 2010 Sidewise Award for Alternate History.

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