Con Images

Nebula Conference 2018, Pittsburgh PA

Alan at the podium Alan and Kelly Robson
Alan presenting the Nebula for Best Novelette to Kelly Robson, for “A Human Stain.

Phoenix Comic Con 2017

Phoenix Comicon with Hough and Braff
With Jason Hough and Mike Braff

signing books at PHXCC
Signing at PHXCC

on the Del Rey panel
On the Del Rey panel

on the military panel
On the Military panel

mugshot created by PHXCC
My "mugshot" from PHXCC

WorldCon 2016

Sidewise Panel 2016
The Twentieth Anniversary Sidewise Awards panel. (l-r: Alan Smale, Walter Jon Williams, Steven Silver, Brendan DuBois, Rick Wilber, Ken Liu.)
WorldCon 2016 alt history panel
Revealing the Past through Alternative History panel. (l-r: Kate Elliott, me, Eric Flint, Esther Friesner, Walt Boyes.)

San Diego Comic Con 2016

sdcc sdcc
sdcc sdcc

New York Comic Con 2015

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Con Images

Toronto Krew
With Galen Dara, 2013 Hugo Award winner "Best Fan Artist"

Toronto Krew
With my crew at World Fantasy 2012 in Toronto. Also pictured: Andy Romine, Sandra Wickham, Chris Cevasco.

Alan and Connie Willis
Attempting to moderate Connie Willis at CapClave, 24th Oct 2010.

Writer Workshops

Taos Toolbox 2011

Taos Toolbox class photo
Class photo from Taos Toolbox 2011. Pictured: Walter Jon Williams (instructor), Jeffrey Scott Petersen, Alan Smale, Christie Yant, Peter Charron, Ed Rosick, Fiona Lehn, Stephen Blount, James Strickland, Sean Eret, Jack Skillingstead (instructor), Nancy Kress (instructor), Scott Hawkins, Carole Ann Moleti, Lisa Nohealani Morton and Jeff Duntemann.

Rio Hondo

Rio Hondo 2014
Rio Hondo participants, 2014


Sidewise Award Images

Sidewise Award
Alan's 2022 Sidewise Award acceptance speech.

Sidewise Award
Alan and his 2022 Sidewise Award.

Sidewise Award
Tales from Alternate Earths III and the 2022 Sidewise Award.

Sidewise Award
Alan's 2010 Sidewise Award acceptance speech.

Sidewise Award
Alan's 2010 Sidewise Award acceptance speech.

Sidewise Award
Winning the 2010 Sidewise Award at the Reno Worldcon, Aug 18th 2011.

Sidewise Award
The two 2010 Sidewise Awards winners: Eric Swedin ("When Angels Wept: A What-If History of the Cuban Missile Crisis"), and Alan Smale ("A Clash of Eagles").

Sidewise Award
The Sidewise Award plaque.


Clash of Eagles

stacked CLASH copies

Alan with CLASH copies

Eagle in Exile

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Magazine/Anthology Covers

The Wandering Warriors front cover
The Wandering Warriors, August 2020,
containing “The Wandering Warriors” and "A Trade in Serpents".

Realms of Fantasy Aug 2011 cover
Realms of Fantasy, August 2011,
containing “Leap of Faith”.

Realms of Fantasy Feb 2009 cover
Realms of Fantasy, February 2009,
containing “Fossil Fuels”.

Panverse 2 cover
Panverse Two, edited by Dario Ciriello,
containing Sidewise Award novella
“A Clash of Eagles”.

Panverse 1 cover
Panverse One, edited by Dario Ciriello,
containing novella “Delusion’s Song”.

Asimov's Science Fiction Mar/Apr 2017,
containing "Kitty Hawk".

Asimov's Science Fiction May/June 2018,
containing "The Wandering Warriors".

Asimov's Oct/Nov 2012 cover
Asimov’s Science Fiction Oct/Nov 2012,
containing “Mongolian Book of
the Dead”.

Asimov's Oct/Nov 2015 cover
Asimov’s Science Fiction Oct/Nov 2015,
containing “English Wildlife”.

Trading Card

trading card back
Trading Card - back.

trading card front
Walter Day Trading Card - Science Fiction Collection - front.